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Located at 5603 Auburn Street
in North Bakersfield

For appointments/questions call or text us 661-489-7765.

Located at 5603 Auburn Street in North Bakersfield

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Prescription Eyeglasses

eyeglassesNo matter what your eye condition, or how you choose to view the world, there are now prescription lenses that meet your unique lifestyle and vision correction needs. Eyeglass lenses that change as the light changes, from clear indoors to dark outdoors. Bifocal lenses that provide multiple fields of vision. High-index lenses that are thinner and lighter than ever before. And progressive lenses that eliminate the traditional lines of multi-focal lenses. The point is, while eyeglass lenses are prescribed to correct all kinds of vision problems, prescription lenses have come a long way—offering you the opportunity to truly customize your eyeglasses and make a statement about how you choose to look at the world.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are closed for a limited time. Any patients with appointments that need to be rescheduled will be notified by our office shortly. Our phone lines will still be open, and the doctors will still be taking true ocular emergencies. If you are in immediate need of your glasses or contacts, please call us to see what arrangements we might be able to make. We plan on reopening as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this interruption.

Please stay safe, be well, and follow CDC’s recommendations.

Drs. Sabrina Graziano and Kyle Shively